Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why Choose Plant Fusion Protein

Increase Your Potential With PlantFusion Protein Powder

Implementing PlantFusion Protein Powder into your daily routine can increase your lean body mass and muscle energy.  PlantFusion is an all natural, dairy, soy and animal free product that is easily digested and absorbed into your body for maximum results. Plantfusion eliminates the discomfort from intestinal bloating attributed to dairy and soy products.

Safe to Use Everyday

When used as directed PlantFusion can deliver all the benefits of a protein shake without exposing your immune system to many of the allergens or unwanted calories found in similar products that may include whey or soy.  It also does not contain milk products, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat gluten, nuts or peanuts.  It is considered one of the most effective, hypoallergenic protein supplements available today.

Not Just for Athletes & Bodybuilders

You don’t have to be an athlete or bodybuilder to appreciate the value of PlantFusion. It has been used by many athletes but is also becoming popular with the everyday person who likes to live a healthy lifestyle. It has high levels of branched-chain amino acids and L-glutamine that both help maintain lean muscle mass while at the same time limited body fat. 

Great Tasting PlantFusion

PlantFusion protein powder is available in several flavors such as Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Chocolate Rasperry and Unflavored.  If something tastes good and blends smoothly into any shake making it easier be a part of your daily diet. People who live an active lifestyle need a product that is easy to mix into a smoothie that can be taken with them to work or play.    

Basic Product Information:

PlantFusion provides or contains the following:
  • Muscle Energy and Growth
  • Supports Lean Body Mass
  • Contains added BCAA’s (Branched –Chain Amino Acids - Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine)
  • Is low in fat (Only 4g of carbs per serving)
  • Contains L-Glutamine to promote immune function and digestive health
  • Essential Amino Acids (“essential” means the body does not naturally produce them, they must be supplemented into the body through food or some other source.)
PlantFusion is unique among other supplement products because it contains an optimal amount of the most important compounds.  Athletes who maintain a rigorous work out or those beginning to experience the aging process want to prevent muscle breakdown while at the same time promoting muscle growth. PlantFusion can be the perfect solution.